2168 AD.

Every person born for the past 100 years has a birthmark—an expiration date. 

In upstate New York, Elisa Killian, a medical specialist, is present at the birth of her cousin’s baby. The expiration date is in three days. For the last month, this tragic occurrence has been happening in small pockets around the world– groups of babies born with only days to live. Even in a world where death is predictable, these are rare incidents. But Elisa isn’t convinced with the reason given by Orbis, the global government— this isn’t just some random genetic mutation. Together with her sister, geneticist, Ashlei Killian; biochemist, Claude Monark; and friend, Dr. Jack Derrin, they set out to find the truth behind this new deviation.

Ashlei is just beginning her new career at Exylon Pharmaceutical Technology, one of the leading Medical Technology companies in America, giving her the opportunity to realize her dream— to research and discover the origins of expiration dates. It also has put her close enough to, just maybe, find out the truth. Claude may know more than he is willing to share, but he is unaware that those above him are setting him up to take the fall for an even larger agenda. Jack is willing to help Elisa explore the unsettling reports of these deaths, in spite of his own grief. Though, the more they discover, he finds himself putting more than just his medical career on the line.  

Elisa’s investigative nature, along with Ashlei and Claude’s suspicions, lead them to Restituere – an elite group who long to live in a world where only the genetically superior survive and who have, now, finally found the engine to accomplish their mission. Though they are unaware that anyone is looking into the suspicious trail they have left behind, they are prepared to take on the challenge of anyone who opposes them. 

When they decide to bring their concerns about Restituere to the head of the Bureau of Population Control and Statistics, believing he will know what to do, Elisa and Claude realize that he is not the man they think he is, and now they are fighting for their lives and are desperate to return to save Ashlei and Jack, who are now also in danger.

Just as the friends think they have put their troubles behind them, Elisa realizes they couldn’t have been more wrong, discovering a threat far more deadly than their intrinsic expiration dates. Now they are in a race to save everyone they love, along with the rest of the planet, and change their world as they know it.