Mardine Perrins is a writer and a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist in a Cardiac Catherization lab in upstate New York. Born in Albany, NY, she enjoys camping; hiking; extensive time in, on or by the water; considers herself an amateur photographer and when she’s not writing, she is day dreaming and plotting the downfall of her next antagonist—or folding laundry.

Forever fascinated by the unknown and questioning the unexplored, you’ll find her curiosities displayed throughout her work. Her imagination is driven by anomalies in nature; bizarre creatures that live beneath the sea; underground caverns teaming with undiscovered prehistoric life. She’s captivated with the complexity of the human DNA, mind and body and is drawn to natures ability to overcome, adapt and persist. She investigates why these things exist and how she can bring them to their potential through her stories. Mardine continues to gravitate to all the strange and unique wonders of the world and enjoys exploring the possibilities of….what if?  She likes to open the minds of her readers, allowing them to explore the same questions. There are hidden miracles all around you, open your eyes, be aware and question them.

Mardine considers herself qualified to speak on the subject of her upcoming fiction thriller novel, Expiration Date, well… because everyone has one. However, spoiler alert—she hasn’t experienced it yet!

She currently lives in East Greenbush, NY with her husband, children and two cats.